Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I Shouldn't Have a 3rd

I found this poster on zazzle and thought it epitomized how I've been feeling lately.  This mother is clearly a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks a mother has to do.  I think all mothers feel this way to a degree. 

I realized I am NOT the master of multitasking because I almost had my car stolen on two different occasions the past couple of weeks.
First, I met up with some moms for a playdate at the Santa Ana zoo.  I took both of my kids out of the car, locked the door, had a fun couple of hours looking at all the monkeys, because that's basically all Santa Ana zoo has.  One of the moms went to her car to grab something and came back and asked if I had parked right next to her car.  I had and she informed me that my back door was wide open.  I had left my back door wide open for several hours in the city with the most car thefts! 
Then, last Friday, I took my kids to another museum because I found out they had just opened a new dinosaur exhibit.  My son is obsessed with dinosaurs, so I arranged to meet up with the same mom who told me about my car door at the zoo.  After about an hour at the museum, I hear over the intercom, "Will the owner of a white Honda accord please come to the front desk." Crap.  That's me.  I went to the front desk and the worker asked if I had my keys.  While frantically looking for them, I realized exactly where I had left them- on top of my car. She said one of the workers at the day care center across the street had them.  I have this fear that I will lock my keys in the car while the kids are in the car, so I make sure I place them somewhere where I won't forget them.  So I placed them on my trunk so that they wouldn't be locked inside the car.  But, of course I forgot them.
Here's what I have learned:
1. I'm losing my mind.  This can be due to lack of sleep from work or just pure insanity.
2. I need to ask my husband if we have insurance for car theft because it looks like it's going to happen soon if I don't get my act together.
3. At least I didn't forget the kids.
4. I need to get my act together.
5. I need to sleep more.
6. The only way I can have a 3rd is if I stop working from home.  That doesn't seem plausible, so we are done... for now...

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