Revolving Kids Vintage evolved from my other shop and blog, Revolving Styles Vintage- a shop that specializes in women's vintage apparel.  As I collected and sold women's vintage, I was unable to resist selecting some special children's vintage items, also.  Also, being a mother means everything to me and I realized that my other blog and shop was becoming too convoluted.  I wanted to focus on vintage and fashion inspirations, but would mix my family and lifestyle in.  Everything became unfocused and confusing to me, and then one day, it hit me to start this shop and blog where I can refocus my energy on my kids and have a focused vintage shop for kids!
At Revolving Kids Vintage, I handpick vintage clothing, accessories, toys, and books from the 1940s-80s, hoping that these special goodies will find special homes.  I hope you enjoy my blog and shop and thanks for visiting!

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