Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mistaken for an Apron


So, this little girl's dress is about to hit the kids shop today, and I had to dedicate a blog post to it.  It's so special , and I wish I could find an adult sized dress with the same design and pattern.  The color is extremely vibrant and the tribal like print near the hem makes it extra unique. 
I actually was hunting for vintage at the Long Beach Flea last month, and a vendor had some vintage aprons on display.  I don't actually look through vintage aprons usually, but for some odd reason, I felt inclined to sort through her pile and voila, I found two girl's vintage dresses unlike any other I've seen.  Most little girl's vintage dresses are extremely girly and pretty- ruffles, Peter Pan collar, lace, etc.  The two I found were pretty, but not the usual "girly."  I felt extremely lucky to have stumbled upon those finds, one of them was the above dress.  Have you ever found something looking in unlikely places?

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