Monday, November 5, 2012

I've Decided...

So, trying to keep up two blogs and two shops caught up to me, and for the last two weeks, I just felt so behind that I didn't even try to keep up with anything.  The more I felt behind, the less I wanted to work.  Very counterproductive.  I thought about dropping this blog entirely because blogging is the hardest for me in regards to my business.  I can clean and mend products, photograph, edit, and list, but blogging always comes last on my to-do list, and because it's last, I end up not doing it because I just run out of time during the day.  Anyone else do that?

Anyhow, after much thinking and trying to figure out how to combine the two visions for my blog, I decided I just couldn't.  I started this blog to focus on being a mother and to force me to take pictures of my kids growing up and to document that.  I thought about just adding this to my original vintage blog, but it just doesn't fit with the direction of that blog either.  That blog focuses on vintage and fashion inspiration, whereas this blog is more of a lifestyle blog that's more mommy friendly.  So, I've decided to keep both, but to not expect myself to update everyday.  If I set myself this lofty goal that I know I can't achieve, I'll just fall into the same rut again.

So, here's a cute update.  I know Halloween was last week, but it was an extremely packed week, so here's my update and I die whenever I see these pictures.  I have no idea when my kids got so big.  Moms, spend time with your children and take lots of pictures of them because it goes by so fast!!

So hard to get them both to look at the camera at the same time! 

She's growing up so fast!!

One of the rare pictures of me, and of course it has to be a weird one where the lighting creates some weird looking growth on my neck.  
So, more blog updates, and even more shop updates!

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