Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Puzzles

I love puzzles as an educational, fun, and QUIET activity for my kids.  Right now, I'm actually writing this post while my son is finishing up a giant dinosaur floor puzzle and my daughter is napping.  Jonah feels such a sense of accomplishment after he puts an entire puzzle together.  Little does he know what a great workout for his brain these things are! 

With my little toddler daughter, I have been trying to expose her to more and more puzzles, and I love wooden ones for her age.  Here are some I found on Etsy that I'm considering buying.

This eco-friendly puzzle (not vintage, but still earth friendly)  would actually be great for both of my kids!  It develops fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition among so many other skills!  You can also balance the pieces!  Find it here.

I'm pretty sure I remember putting this puzzle together as a kid. This is probably more appropriate for 3rd-4th graders, but I always like exposing my kids to many new ideas and concepts at an early age. Find this here.

Jessie is currently learning animal sounds and the names of animals and this would be perfect for her age right now!  Find it here.

I love this puzzle because it shows what goes on inside the buildings!  I can see both of my kids having fun with this puzzle.  I'm just afraid they would fight over it. But then again, they argue over anything, right?  Find this one here.

Do your kids like puzzles?  What are some puzzles that your kids like to do?  Any recommendations appreciated!

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