Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keepin' It Interesting

While trying to get my new vintage kids shop opened, along with the facebook, twitter, and this blog,  I've also been trying to take care of two sick kids.  I tried so hard to prevent the 2nd getting sick from the 1st, but it was useless.  So, tired me + 2 tired sick kids= an interesting, tough week.  We usually go out, but opted for at-home activities instead.  That turned out more difficult than I thought.  Being at home with kids all day really tries anyone's patience. 

There are days where I think I'm going to go crazy, but then there's that one moment where one, or both of your kids do something that cracks you up and melts your heart.  That's when you realize life is good and there are far worse things in the world than being tired or having sick kids.  It's a great reminder that I need to be more patient and kind to these munchkins.  They test me, but they are truly a gift from God and I feel blessed to be their moms and watch them grow. 

The above picture captures what I mean.  Trying to occupy two sick kids at home for several days can really drive everyone a little crazy.  Look at my son.  This was after a morning of painting, puzzles, and singing along to music.  Being 3 1/2, he still has so much energy, so he decided to hang off the couch while I played with the snotty younger one.  (Snotty as in she has major snot coming out of her nose.)  I initially became annoyed that he seemed bored again, but after looking at this picture, I had to chuckle.  It's just cute and he's such a kid.  I love them both and they definitely keep life interesting.  I think as moms, especially stay-at-home moms, we tend to think that our daily routine becomes mundane and we forget the value of being able to watch our kids grow and care for them.  Also, with kids, nothing is entirely predictable and they definitely keep life interesting.

By the way, painting and puzzles are great, affordable and enriching activities a parent can do with the child!  Just an idea!

Thanks for reading!

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