Friday, September 14, 2012

Dress Up

1930s Heirloom Dress / 1960s Embroidered Apron Dress
1950s White and Pink Gingham Dress // 1940s Pink Cape

1980s Pink Sailor Suit // 1970s Blue Knit Romper
1950s/60s Blue Dropped Waist Dress // 70s Sailor Girl Dress
1970s Cat Lover Hanging // 1950s Picture Book
1970s Disney Parade Book Set // 1970s Mickey Overalls
This is actually my first real shop update.  This week had the classic vintage theme, nautical theme, and a fun playful theme.  Which fits the style of your kid, or the style you want your kid to be?  Probably fun, right?  Jessie, my daughter, is already showing interest in clothes, jewelry, accessories, so I may group her in the first classic vintage theme because it's a bit more girly.  My boy is definitely fun.  He just wants to play, ALL THE TIME!  So odd how one's kids can be so different.  What a fun blessing!
Anyhow, if anything catches your eye, just click on the corresponding caption and it will take you right to the listing. Also, my GRAND OPENING SALE has been extended to the month of September, so enjoy 15% off the shop!

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