Monday, September 3, 2012

These Two Have Changed My Life

I can't believe I'm a mother to a 3 1/2 year old and that little girl making her "smile" face.  My heart melts!
Our first adventure post shows the kids going to Chabot Park in Castro Valley, CA.  That's my little brother and my mother.  Yes, I know she looks young. 
Almost 16 months and she loves leaves.  She wouldn't let go of that leaf for about 20 minutes.

This is not at the park, but a picture I took a couple of weeks ago that made me smile.
This picture also made me smile. 
For those who will read this post and blog, you know I have another blog here.  It was created in conjunction with my women's vintage shop opening a couple of years ago.  That blog started as a vintage and fashion inspiration blog, but after becoming a mom, I inserted many posts about my daily shennanigans with the above two cuties.  Somehow, the objective of the blog became unclear for myself, and probably for the readers.

This past week, after mulling over the option of opening up a 2nd vintage shop focusing on children's vintage for months, I decided to do it.  I've averaged 3-4 hours of sleep a night this past week preparing for the grand opening of Revolving Kids Vintage, and for this blog.  I've opened up shop and I'm actually posting on this blog.  I will continue to regularly post on my other blog, also, so please read both!

If someone asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing with my life at the age of 30, owning vintage shops and being a blogger would not have crossed my mind.  But, once these kids were born, there was no other option for my husband and myself of who would raise these kids.  We both decided that for the well-being of our kids and family, I would stay home.  Yes, financially, there have been and still are some tough times.  Somehow, by the grace of God, our family is fine and still surviving and happy.  I can honestly say that I find what I'm doing right now, being a stay at home mother, vintage shop owner, and blogger, as my calling right now.  I always thought being a teacher was my calling, and maybe it will be again someday, but for now, I am where I'm supposed to be. 

So, this blog will be focusing on children's vintage and my daily mishaps with the above two, and occasionally the hubs.  It will document our adventures, family meals, fun times, hard times, so I hope you'll follow along!

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